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Throughout the world there a millions of small, medium and big Corporate businesses that use the professional services of Commercial paving contractors.

In case you need commercial paving for your enterprise, whether it be for a reception, parking area, events or conferencing area, dance floor, a building entrance, walkway or an alternative workplace, you demand experience and the expertise of a registered, professional and experienced Commercial Paving Contractor.

Commercial paving has been around for a very long time and there are a myriad of uses. This includes office blocks, colleges, resorts, hotels, gas stations, schools, malls and the list gets longer…

Commercial paving is a professional’s game as the area to be paved is much larger than residential paving. In addition, this makes it an expensive exercise. The importance of selecting and hiring the right Commercial paving contractor cannot be overstated.

You can find the correct Paving Contractor for your project using this method or simple guideline to ensure you get the results you set out to achieve in time and on budget.

To make your selection herewith some pointers:

1. Ask the Contractor the following questions:

Truly qualified contractors can be pinpointed by their professional and thorough approach to their craft and paving business. It is essential that the Contractor can prove sufficient, valid and satisfactory insurance cover. Get proof that all individuals, workers and out source team are adequately protected on the property whilst working. A Commercial Contractor worth his salt would have liability cover, insurance and proper references.

2. Select a valid, skilled contractor

When embarking on a Commercial Paving project you need to feel confident that your provider can finish the paving project while conforming to every one of the stipulated conditions negotiated, within budget and within the time-frame. The final result must indeed be exactly what was briefed and stipulated.

3. Is the contractor licensed as a processional?

You should ensure your Commercial paving contractor is licensed, or you can be assured that you will be sitting frustrated with your hands in your hair. Accredited practitioners have a track record and are answerable to the governing body.

4. How long is the track-record of the Paving Contractor?

As with any specialized industry, a proven track record shows expertise and experience in this challenging, many times dangerous and unique trade. It is a responsible job and no novice can play this game. No less than 5 years should be taken as an appropriate track record. Additional research is called for if less than this.

5. A listing of references and earlier jobs

References (preferably most recent); and prior projects are an important research element as it speaks about the Contractor through the opinions of those they have worked for and it is sure to give you a clearer picture. You’re completely in your right to request such reference list and ensure that you follow up on the references that are given.

Ask the references relevant questions:
* Did the Contractor complete the project in time?
* Did the Contractor remain within the allocated budget?
* Did the entire operation stay on track and where there any problems

6. More affordable NEVER means “better”

As in all sectors, you’ll find overpriced contractors, however don’t be too deceived by a “good deal” either. The more pricy and higher market related cost from an experienced contractor is more relevant due to their professional status. Low priced contractors have to be investigated. Typically, you will find that some of the other credentials do not add up and paying a little less may end up costing you a lot more.

With more than 30 years of experience, Boss Paving is a commercial paving company that handles all types of paving including walkways, driveways, patios and pool deck paving. Call us today for your paving requirements and expert advise.